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People Solution

We provide shared services / outsourcing solution to company with presence in different industry and country.

Typically, if you wish to setup an overseas office to support your businesses - you are required to establish a separate legal entity, an office, observe statutory compliance rules such as prepare financial statements, subject to annual statutory audit, tax filing and transfer pricing rules.

Our People Solutions help to assemble and recruit a team of professionals and assign them to serve you on full-time basis.

Our methodology eradicates the needs to establish a legal entity and an office in Malaysia, monitor payroll, accounting, audit, transfer pricing and other compliance requirements.


  • How can I setup a shared service centre in Malaysia with minimal cost?

  • Where can we cut cost without harming the business?

  • Our local business support team could be up-skill to process high value jobs.

  • We have too many compliance tasks and exposed ourselves to significant transfer pricing transactions.


We will assemble and recruit a team of specialists to support your business at optimal cost.

Common functions that could be delegated to virtual teams: -

  • Industry

  • Finance

  • Human resources

  • Information technology services

  • Sales and marketing

  • Supply chain and procurement

  • Corporate affairs and legal