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IoT Integration

IoT can help transform any business in any industry, from manufacturing to educating next generation. The combination of increased Internet speed and growing number of devices connected to Internet is creating endless opportunities for organisations to transform digitally. IoT means you can connect faster and in real time.

It is estimated that 30.73 billion of IoT devices will be installed and sharing data seamlessly by the year 2020.

IoT technologies are poised to be one of the biggest contributors, together with cloud computing, and cognitive computing in economic value generation in the next few decades.


We assist you in bridging the IoT integration gap and capitalise IoT to your competitive advantage.

We support many types of integration models as well as organisations encompassing cloud and legacy systems.

  • Integrate IoT devices (such as mobile phone and tablet) to computer applications and work processes – thus provides seamless connectivity, real-time information dashboard and reduce manual processes. IoT revolutionise the way we used to think about supply chain and logistics.

Past Experience and Portfolio

  • Connected Point-of-Sale (“POS”) system

  • Shopping mall with digital experience